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Annual survey of the thoughts and opinions of the Presidents of the CAC40

This survey is designed to help companies and world economies better understand the evolution of major economic issues and thus be better prepared to face them.

  • Qualitative interviews with a panel of Presidents of large French CAC 40 companies.

Annual survey of the thoughts and opinions of the Presidents of associations / NGOs / foundations

This survey is designed to provide a venue to discuss key CSR issues by throwing a different light on the subject and to compare the views of the heads of major NGOs, the Presidents of CAC 40 and the communications industry.

  • Face to face qualitative interviews with 12 heads of NGOs are compared with the results of the survey of the CAC40 and barometer of the communications industry.

Survey of responsible marketing for ACIDD – ADEM – UDA (2008 to 2010)

This survey was designed to assess the perceptions of the heads of major groups of the role of sustainable development. The study looked at not only the ideologies, thoughts and priorities of management but also the communications and marketing strategies with respect to this topic. It measured the importance that those responsible for communications and marketing gave to the promotion of CSR and identified the issues to explain the discretion, or even the silence of some of the major corporate groups on the subject.

  • Annual online survey of 138 decision-makers

Perception of members of parliament on advertising 

This study shows how parliamentarians place communications and advertising in the equation economic growth and necessary evil.

  • Face to face interviews (about an hour) with 35 members of parliament

Working in a High Quality Environmental standard (HQE) office space: adding value in terms of personal fulfillment, economic benefits and corporate image?

A study of the prospective changes in employee behavior in the workplace in light of the new sustainable development standards.

  • Mix of qualitative face-to-face interviews and focus groups on themes related to the topic including the creation of a panel comprised of architects, trade union representatives, employees, human resource managers and occupational health and safety professionals to participate in an online qualitative think-tank.

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