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Communications market barometer  (advertising, customer marketing, digital, PR, corporate, events, design, media selling, media buying, brand content)

This study was designed to analyze and evaluate the evolution of the communications market, inform the players of the changes, trends, demands and expectations going forward, and help agencies understand client issues and elements that drive satisfaction.

  • The barometer is both qualitative and quantitative. The data is assembled from a mix of online surveys and questionnaires of over 2 000 respondents and one-on-one phone interviews with over 30 advertiser decision-makers from across a broad variety of industries. This barometer also breaks advertisers down by their communication needs and analyses the trends that determine innovative agencies models.

Ad hoc B2B surveys

  • Example: Asses the market potential of certain agency ‘product bundles’ – products prioritized in a go-to-market strategy – and what is or is not appealing about them. The study helped our client create a more effective agency marketing and promotion strategy. Executed through an on-line survey – respondents were decision-makers from the top 500 French corporations and medium sized companies.

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